Meet the Owners

Sarah (Co-director, Onsite Manager and Carer)

I have a BTEC National Diploma in childcare and qualifications covering first aid, health and safety, food hygiene and child protection. Most importantly, I have a passion for helping children develop with over twelve years of hands-on experience.

After discovering an empathy with young children during my work experience at a special needs school; I widened my range of skills by spending time caring for old people. My desire to work with young children then led to jobs at two nurseries in Nottingham, leaving only to broaden my experiences. At this time, I met Andy (co-owner of Little Friends), becoming a nanny for his two daughters and son. After five years I returned to the nursery environment as a deputy manager, before deciding to set up this wonderful nursery.

My approach is simple: always strive to maintain high standards and a happy staff.

Andy (Co-director and Manager)

Prior to training as a consultant anaesthetist, I spent a couple of years travelling the world, experiencing different cultures.

For many years I have been a doctor at Nottingham’s City Hospital. Whilst I thoroughly enjoy my job, the most challenging and rewarding work I undertake is to raise my three children.



Little Friends is an Ofsted-registered nursery. We have written policies in place, covering aspects of childcare from health and safety to security arrangements. Copies of our policies are available on request. We are always happy to discuss these documents or any aspect of your child's care.